A - General

BUDOSHI is an RPG (Role Playing Game) whose action is in the medieval Japanese and where you play as a Samurai. Your goal is to evolve your character to make it louder. To progress, you gain experience during missions or in combat against other players. 6 characteristics associated with your character defines your fighting skills. Strength, charisma, strength, intelligence, dodging and dexterity. These characteristics are defined by your equipment (the type of clothes you wear), the weapon you use and the events that occurred during play (boosts). To purchase boosts, clothing, weapons and techniques in the shops in the village, you need gold coins purchased, too, during the missions and battles. New items are available as and when you progress. Weapons and clothing you buy is placed in your inventory. You must go and select it for use.

B – Shops

BUDOSHI currently has 3 stores. The tailor to buy clothes, the armorer to buy weapons and to buy the dojo fighting techniques.

C – Boosts

Boosts occur during play and affect your specifications for a limited time.

D – Fights

To fight again you must obtain a gun at the gunsmith and techniques in the dojo To make a battle you must choose a player connected and click on the small sword to the right of its name in the list to the right of the game screen After the battle the winner gets the experience and gold. You can do a fight every 10 minutes and you can attack the same player every 5 hours.

E – Missions

To start a mission you must go to a specific point on the board. (indicated by an icon 'V' green.) To do this, you move your player using the mouse by clicking on the arrows. The box number or you're traveling is indicated in the panel on the right mission of the game screen. Once the mission is launched you have to wait some time (an icon 'slope ' indicates that a mission is currently there) There are different depending on the mission duration. When a mission is completed you must return the place to collect the gold coins and experience points (An icon 'gold coin' indicates that a mission is complete at this point). Feel free to visit the village map to locate your target well. After each mission a new mission is offered.

F – Profile and settings

Each player has a profile page where there may be others. It is from this page you can send a friend request or a marriage. A debate is also proposed. Your profile page is accessible from the toolbar present on all pages. You can change your presentation and your preferences in the 'My Settings' accessible from the toolbar. Select a patch in the list. This patch represents you on the game against other players.

G – Bonus

Under 'Bonus', accessible from the toolbar, offers a wide selection of super boosts valid for 3 days or more gold coins cons credit. 80 credits are offered at the beginning of the game you can then get you by phone or SMS.